The Creative Eye Of Commercial Still Life Photography

The Creative Eye Of Commercial Still Life Photography

The world of photography is vast, so there is really something for nearly everyone. While many freelance photographers gain fame for photographing things like portraits and beautiful scenes in nature, other gain fame for more commercial purposes. Many people do not realize it, but the majority of still life images that appear in various items like advertisements and business collateral typically come from those photographers. Keep reading to learn more about commercial still life photography.

When people think of “still life” they may think of artwork where the artist paints still objects arranged in certain positions and settings. Since photography is a type of art, this comparison makes sense. Except in this case, instead of an artist creating the objects, a photographer takes photos of them.

The commercial aspects of this job come from the fact that the clients intend to use their shots for profit. They will use these images in something that generates sales for their company. The shots are typically used for print ads, billboards, mailers, websites, and the like.

The subject matter these photographers shoot varies depending on the types of clients they have. In fact, the types of fields are nearly endless. This is why some photographers offer their services to many different fields, while others limit their focus to just one or two fields.

Some of the most popular fields that seek the services of these still life photographers include technology/electronics, cosmetics, clothing/shoes, food/drinks, jewelry, fragrances, cookware, and Image result for still life photographersmuch more. These photographers work carefully and meticulously with their clients to shoot their products or the objects to get them just right. They have to plan all aspects of the shots, including everything from the poses to the lighting to the settings, and much more. Like any type of photography, getting the right shots takes a great deal of time and work, and they need to be corrected after the shoots are over.

The corrections or edit involve modifying items like color and white balance, sharpness, and other usual photographic tweaks. However, they may have to provide extra items like clipping paths, transparencies, layer masks, etc. This depends on the clients and how much work they want to photographer to do before it gets to the graphic designers, who are the professionals that use the photos to create the actual advertisements.

As you can see, there is a great deal of creativity, passion, and work that goes into commercial still life photography. Despite its commercial purposes, there is still plenty of appeal from the freedom of picking and choosing certain fields to work with and handling the shots in a way that works with your style. You can create unique collaborative marketing collateral that can help boost your reputation and client base.

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