Shoring Systems Can ensure safe Working in Deep Trenches

05. February 2017 Construction 0

When trenches need to be dug to great depths, there is every chance that the earth on the sides of the trench can collapse and cause a danger to the workers in the trench. It is a common practice in construction to use the right shoring systems that can help to avoid the collapse.

Trenches are deep and narrow and their walls need to be strengthened by shoring, which is propping up the earth while other efforts are also made to shield the workers in the trench from any collapse. There are many Image result for proper shoring methodstypes of shoring systems that are used and the decision on the right one can depend on the depth of the trench, type of soil, relative costs of shoring compared to benching or widening trenches to ensure safety and other factors.

A common method is to use plates of steel or even wood to butt against the earth while the plates or boards themselves are kept in place by props or hydraulic pistons. The soil itself can be also strengthened as a shoring technique using bars or rods inserted into predrilled holes that are grouted with cement to hold the rod. It gives the earth the necessary pressure and strength that prevents it from collapsing.

Before deciding on any shoring method it is common for trenches that have to be deep and to exist for a long time, to have the soil analyzed and its properties assessed so that right shoring or reinforcing techniques can be used. Water content can also play a large part in soil strength and collapse, and it is often necessary to constantly dewater trenches to allow for ease in working and to create dry soil conditions that can help to prevent its collapse.

Even where proper shoring methods are in use, it is customary to ensure proper safety and constant supervision of deep trenches, so that immediate action can be taken to prevent accidents and fatalities that can result from earth collapse. Trenches excavated on roads are in constant danger from the vibrations caused by moving traffic and require a greater degree of shoring.

Shoring methods can restrict working space in a trench and this must be given due importance in the choice of system, so that work proceeds uninterrupted and without much of hindrance. Shoring does involve some amount of risk and safety rules must be scrupulously followed to ensure the work is carried out safely and efficiently.

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