Liquor Law Advice Texas That You Should Know

Texas is one of the most famous states in the country. It is also the second most populated state. Known for cowboy hats and the never ending sunshine, visitors often go here to enjoy or just visit their loved ones. If it’s your first time going to Texas, then you should be aware of the laws that are implemented in this part of the country. Knowing the law will prevent you from getting in trouble while you are having the time of your life in this state.

Image result for remember not to get tipsy in a bar in TexasAlcohol law is one of the things that you should know when in Texas. It applies not only to the state’s residents but as well as to visitors. Drinking with your friends or family members is fun. However, the problem is that it may be difficult for you to understand or remember the things that are mentioned in this law because it is very complex. The alcohol law of Texas is very confusing that it is advisable for you to consult experts about. Still, here’s some liquor law advice Texas to give you a heads up and keep you away from trouble.

The first advice is to avoid bootlegging. Texas police officers easily arrest anyone who they think is guilty of bootlegging. According to the police, if you have more than 24 beer cans with 12 ounces each, it is a prima facie or enough evidence of bootlegging. Possessing over one quart of tequila, vodka, whiskey, and other distilled spirits is another prima facie for authorities to convict you.

Prima facie means that the police no longer need additional evidence for them to convict someone for bootlegging so be careful. If you want to drink with your friends when going to a trip in Texas, do not stock up on liquor if you don’t want to face six months in jail or fined $2,000.

It’s also very important to remember not to get tipsy in a bar in Texas. Undercover police agents actually roam around bars looking for people who are intoxicated. It doesn’t matter whether you are a visitor, foreigner, or a local who is just having a good time in a bar. If these undercover agents find out that you are tipsy they will arrest you.

Texas’ alcohol law is so complicated that a lot of people still find it tricky to understand or to interpret. Maybe the best liquor law advice Texas is to not drink if you don’t understand it. But if you really cannot avoid going out with friends and drinking with them to have a chill night, then just remember to drink moderately and never stocking up liquor.

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