Air Conditioning Systems Guide

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If you are considering buying an air conditioning unit it is important that you consider everything you need to.  Before you buy you have to consider the size of the area you want to cool and the features you should be looking for.  You also need to consider the different types of systems that are available.

The Types of Air Conditioning Systems

A furnace installation Clinton Twp company said there are three types of air conditioning systems that you can get to cool a room.  The first is a portable unit which is ideal for any situation where versatility is necessary.  These units do not require any installation and can be moved around to cool rooms as needed.

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Wall split units will require professional installation as they are mounted on the wall.  These units are generally quieter than the portable units and remove heat from rooms more effectively than central heating.  These units are vented to the outside of the house and come in window mount versions.

The last type of system is a ceiling cassette which also requires professional installation.  These units are fitted into the ceiling and are vented to the outside of the house.  These units can cool and heat a room more effectively than central heating.

The Area You Want To Cool

Once you have determined the best type of system for your area you need to consider the actual size of the space.  The larger the space the more powerful the air conditioning unit will need to be.  You should also consider the size of the windows within the room as rooms with large windows will need a more powerful unit.

Features To Look For

Each air conditioning unit will have different features and there are some that you should consider having.  The primary feature you will want is an adjustable thermostat which allows you to take complete control over the temperature in the room.  Units without this feature will run at a set temperature that you will not be able to change.

You should also look for mode settings on the unit.  These settings will include varying fan speeds and dehumidifying settings.  These additional features will make it easier to sleep with the unit on as you can decrease the sound it makes.

Another feature to consider is a sleep mode.  Air conditioners with this feature will become quiet during the night and the temperature will be automatically be adjusted to help you sleep better.

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