About Aliceville

Aliceville, Alabama isn’t too far away from Tuscaloosa, which is a city I enjoy passing through when I’m driving from Texas to Myrtle Beach. Are you planning on living in Aliceville, or are you just going to be paying the city a visit? One of the top places of interest is Camp Aliceville, which is a piece of the city’s WWII history. There are plenty of other great things to do in Aliceville as well.

Compared to the places I’ve lived, Aliceville has a very mild climate. However, it should be noted that those summers can definitely be hot and humid. You can imagine there are some nice restaurants in the city. I always said I was going to stop at a barbecue place in Tuscaloosa on the way home, and that makes me wonder if there are any great barbecue restaurants in Aliceville.

Aliceville is rural Alabama living at its finest. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have all kinds of great places to visit. If you’re looking at real estate there, you’ll certainly want information from a local agent about the best areas for buying property. Whether living in or visiting the Aliceville, Alabama area, you’re in for a treat.